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Baby Nest
Baby Nest Baby Nest

Baby bird nest is made in Finland. Material is comfortable, mulesing free merino wool.
The nest can be used for babies between 0 and 6 months.

Measurements: 75x40x15 cm (length x width x depth)

Merino wool is very soft, comfortable and warm - a perfect antibacterial material for a baby’s sensitive skin. Perfectly soft and safe place to get to know the world.


Merino wool used in this product is pre-spinned. The surface of the wool has not been closed like in yarn and may therefore release some fibre. This is a feature, not a flaw.
The released fibre can be removed from the product by spinning and pulling the fibres according to the direction of the wool fibres.

Clean dust by shaking the product (outdoors). Shaking may also balance possible stretches and strains in the material.


The bird nest perfectly fits to the Ecolife Baby Box cardboard box and makes it a safe and warm sleeping nest for your little treasure.