Ecolife Baby Box

Terms & Conditions

We sell our products worldwide to both businesses and 18 years old or older private persons. We
have the same prices for all countries, so we do not deduct taxes from the prices even is we sell to countries outside of the EU or companies in the EU area. The customer outside of EU is responsible for possible custom duties and value-added taxes. We reserve the right to change the prices and
postages. We reserve the right to sell to a customer with repetitive returns.

The products are ordered through a shopping cart. Fill in all your information carefully. Please note to fill in all the sections and agree with the terms of delivery to proceed. After filling in the information the system will direct you to pay your order.
The information of the package's arrival will come to the customer as an e-mail and when your order has been delivered Ecolife Babybox customer service will send a new confirmation which has also the package tracking code. The latter will come as an e-mail. The customer is responsible for entering the correct information on the order so that the order can be delivered successfully. All the orders will be confirmed with an e-mail, in which the order's price, shipping charges and the ordered products will be stated. To receive a confirmation of the delivery you must state your e-mail address on your order.
The customer commits to all the terms of delivery applying at the time of the order.

Payment methods
Products and their postages are paid during the ordering. In the online store following payment methods are possible:

Payments by Paypal, Master Card, VISA or American Express

Problems with transportation and products with flaws
If the product has disappeared, been flawed or a wrong product has been delivered to the customer, the customer must immediately contact

The reclamation right is 6 months in utensils. The reclamation right applies for products with clear manufacturing flaws. Any wearing or breaking caused by usage will not be compensated. If you have something to ask about your product, please contact us.
An announcement of an incorrect delivery or flawed product must be done within 14 days from receiving the product. If the package has been damaged during transport, reclamation must be made to the transport company immediately.

Other information
We reserve the right to change our terms of delivery. Before ordering the customer must read the
terms and conditions applying at the time of the order.

1. Register holder
Name: Timedi Oy /Ecolife HelsinkiOy
Contact information:
2. Person in charge of the register
Timedi Oy / Ecolife Helsinki staff
3. The name of the register (online store)
4. The purpose of processing personal data
The register is used to keep up the customer relations, customer communication and marketing.
The information on the register is used for own direct marketing if the customer hasn't denied the direct marketing. uses these and other information gained during the customer communication to the planning of the product and service supply and to targeting of the supply.
5. Information contents of the register
- Customer's contact information and the information enabling the order: surname, first names, street address, postal code, postal area, cellphone number and e-mail address. Possible denial of sending direct marketing to the customer. Possible permission on electronic direct marketing.
Identification information (username) of a customer who has registered in online store.
- Information about the orders, deliveries and returns of a customer.
6. Regular information sources
Connection and customer information of the register are gained when the customer connection is born and during it from the announcements a customer has made to the register holder. A customer connection is born when a customer creates an account to the online store or orders a product.
Direct marketing refusal is stored based on a customer's separate notice. For electronic direct marketing (e-mail) a customer will be asked a permission separately according to Privacy policy of Personal Data Act.
7. Regular information admissions
We do not hand out information from the customer register.
8. Principles of the protection of the register
Manual material is stored in a locked space and the access is granted only to authorized personnel.
Access to the customer register is granted to Timedi Oy / Ecolife Helsinki's personnel, who have the admin account to the Access to the administration is protected with a username and a password. Information is passed or given to an outsider party only according to the law based on reporting obligation such as a customer's own request or a request based on an official law.