Ecolife Baby Box

Care Guide For Baby Clothes

Useful tips:

1) Use mild detergent that is free of colors, scents, or fragrances. This reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Fabric conditioner can be used to keep the clothes soft, but choose a conditioner that is suitable for sensitive skin, with a hypoallergenic formula and no added fragrance.

2) Wash all clothes, as well as bed sheets and blankets before using them for the first time.

Organic cotton itself does not contain any harmful chemicals, but it is a good habit to wash the clothes to make sure there are no traces of anything the clothes might have been in contact with.

3) Sort the clothes before washing. Separate dark and light colors, as well as clothes that require a cold or sensitive wash.

4) Use only one detergent. If any skin problems arise, this will make it easier to find out the cause.

5) Turn garments inside out to prevent surface abrasion and secure zippers, buttons and snaps.

This will help in keeping the clothes in great condition a wash after another.

6) Follow the fabric care tag. It is important to wash each garment in correct temperature to maintain the outfits correctly. Even good quality won’t accept wrong treatment.

7) If you are using cloth diapers, they need to be washed separately. Keep them apart from other clothes, soaked in cold water following a hot wash cycle.