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Clothing a baby during wintertime

Clothing a baby during wintertime

As the first snowstorm of 2019 has now reached Finland, we thought it would be a good time to discuss a bit about winter clothes and how they are best adjusted to weather conditions.

In cold or even very cold weather conditions (such as in Finland), doctors do recommend that small babies are not taken outside if the temperature is below -10C.

But down to that temperature, it is highly recommended that the babies are taken out. Most of the Finnish babies are even napping outside every day. And the fresh air is good for parents too!

Here are some useful tips for you to dress your baby during these long winter months:

  1. Layers: The colder it gets, the more layers are needed. As a rule you can use the following: when dressing yourself, add one more layer for the baby. So if you are dressed in long-sleeved shirt and winter coat, add a jumpsuit for your baby in between those layers.
  2. Materials: Use natural materials, such as wool, merino wool, organic cotton and so on - they will help to keep the skin warm by absorbing the humidity from it. When the baby grows older and is playing in the snow, remember to use waterproof outer layers, such as overall, mittens and boots.
  3. Indoors: It might feel good to add a lot of clothes for a baby even when staying indoors. However, baby’s body may need to use a lot of effort to cool down so make sure there aren’t too many layers on when staying inside the house.
  4. Accessories: Shoes or boots are not recommended for very small babies, at least sturdy soles should be avoided when baby is not yet walking. Look for warm, lightweight boots that are soft and machine-washable. For hats, make sure that ears are covered - and remember to use the hoods of jackets and overalls as well. Mittens should cover baby’s hands, look for the ones without thumb to keep the little hands warm.
  5. Strollers: Stroller windscreen is recommended not only for keeping the cold air out, but also letting the baby sleep more peacefully in his/her own privacy when strolling around the city.
  6. Checking the temperature: It is easy to ensure that the baby’s temperature is right - touch his/her neck. If it is sweaty, remove clothes - if it is cold, add some!


An extra tip for parents who are a lot on the go:

Stroller bag is a good way to avoid the changing circumstances becoming too warm. Such bag is usually equipped with zippers that can be opened when reaching indoors. The baby can continue sleeping in strollers when you come back home or arrive to a shopping mall.