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Choosing Clothes For A Newborn

Choosing Clothes For A Newborn

Have you ever been in a situation, when you were asked to buy clothes for someone you don’t know? You have no idea about how he/she looks like, what he/she would like, what size he/she would be - or even if that person is he or she.

This is the usual case, when choosing the very first clothes for a new family member.

Luckily the newborns are not too picky about the looks of their clothes, but there are many other aspects to consider when making choices for the most important person ever.

Materials need to be soft, natural and suitable for very sensitive skin. Organic cotton, merino wool and linen as examples are good choices. When the materials come straight from the nature, they follow the line how life is meant to be in the very beginning - as one with Mother Nature. 

It is good to have a look at the care guide in the tags of the textiles. Babies do make mess. A lot of mess - in every possible way. All textiles that are used need to be washable, even in high temperatures to remove all the odours and stains. 

Origin of the clothes and accessories is very important too. Transparent chain of production ensures the products to be safe for your little one - and the production methods to be fair and safe for the people making them. 

You may even be interested what can be done with the clothes when you don't use them anymore. Using clothes only for one kid and throwing away is not very sustainable from environmental point of view. Buying secondhand clothes is trending in many countries. When purchasing quality clothes, the value is higher when sold or given away after use. Or kept for the siblings. 

Quality is the key word. It means safety, transparent production line, recyclability and happiness about a good choice.

Choose well.