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Bathing a baby

Bathing a baby

Did you know, that it is enough for a baby to take a bath only once a week?!?


Believe it or not, bathing a baby only once a week is enough.

Bathing every day can make the super sensitive baby skin too dry and cause irritation.

Baby’s skin is able to moisture itself and trying to clean it too much may cause this very natural habit to fall apart.


But, every now and then, the baby will need a bath. What should you keep in mind?


1) When bathing, make sure that the bathroom temperature is warm enough. Then ensure with a thermometer, that the water temperature is optimal (37C).


2) Some days it is enough to just use a soft sponge or clean towel soaked in warm water. It is good to make a routine about cleaning the certain areas every time needed. Cleaning face, neck and diaper area thoroughly right after they have got unclean helps you to keep the number of bathing days into minimum.


3) When bathing, clean the skin thoroughly with warm (not hot!) water. Ensure that all the wrinkles, bends and crooks are cleaned well. Lift baby’s head a bit to be able to clean the area under the chin. This is the place where some of the milk ends up.


4) Some babies may find bathing very soothing and relaxing and this is the reason parents are making the baby a bath every night before going to bed. To avoid bathing every night, you can try relaxing music. Meditation soundtracks work well!


5) You may want to turn the baby over to clean his/her back. When doing this, lift the baby a little bit, just to make sure that the nose won’t get into water when the baby is not yet able to hold his/her head up.


And last, to the most important thing when bathing:


Stay calm. Whatever happens, don’t panic.

Babies are very sensitive and they know, if you are getting nervous. Just make sure that you handle the baby carefully but with confidence. It will be OK - everything will.