Ecolife Baby Box

Ecolife Natural Babybox

Delight yourself with our carefully handpicked natural baby items for your newborn, all needed items in one box. 

Or maybe your are looking for something great as a gift for a new mom?

You are in right place!


All products are eco-friendly and made with natural and most comfortable, high-quality materials without chemicals or toxins.

Every product in the box has been carefully tested to fulfil all the safety regulations; the materials are absolutely toxin free, there are no small parts that could be dangerous for babies - and all the materials are free from harmful chemicals.


All needed items in one box to support smooth and stress-free start as new parents. Less worries, more time to prepare physically and mentally to a new family member.

Ecolife Baby Box is a complete selection of items a baby needs during the first weeks in this world. All in natural.


Carefully chosen selection of premium chemical-free baby product to give the best possible start in life. Bed box is a safe sleeping space for a baby's first months.

The box itself is lightweight and can easily be moved around the house so your baby can take a nap wherever you are. It is small of size so you can even use it as a travel cot during the first months.

After the first months the box can be reused as a storage. Many people tend to use it to save small clothes and memories from the days when the kids were very small.

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80-year tradition from Finland – Now available for people all over the world

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Unparalleled customer service. Lovely way to treat customers!

– Henna

Friendly and fast responses from customer service, fast delivery and beautifully packaged product.

– Anu

Fast delivery, beautifully packaged products and great customer service 👌

– Suvi

Best Customer Service in the World! 😍

– Heli

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I am Sanna, the founder of Ecolife Babybox

 I want to offer a natural and safe choice for preparing to welcome a new baby in a family. For all parents wanting to choose eco-friendly option for their baby´s first clothes and care products, there is now a well-thought, easy solution, Ecolife Natural Babybox.

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